Gloom to Boom


Rick Scott's Legacy

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Education Improving Performance

Governor Scott's own education was the key to his ability to get a good job and mount an unprecedented career. Therefore, he has devoted record levels of funding to state education systems in Florida, always ensuring that schools...

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Public Safety 46-Year Low in Crime Rate

Thanks to the hard work of Florida's law enforcement officers, the state's crime rate is at a 46-year low and the number of juvenile arrests is the lowest it's been in more than 40 years. Governor Scott recognizes that evidence-based...

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Economy The Turnaround

As Governor of Florida, Scott has devoted his time in office to a one-word goal: JOBS. His relentless focus on cutting taxes, reducing burdensome regulations on businesses and creating an environment where any job creator...

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Florida has paid down $9 billion in debt under Governor Scott's leadership including $5.5 billion in outstanding bond debt, as well as the $3.5 billion loan taken out in 2009, before the Governor took office, for the unemployment...

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Governor Scott made historic strides to protect Florida's lands and ensure that the future of the state's pristine environment is beautiful for generations to come. Governor Scott invested record funding of $239 million...

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the Opioid

Governor Scott declared a statewide public health emergency for the opioid epidemic allowing the state to immediately draw down more than $27 million in federal grant funding from the United States Department...

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I have spent every day since taking office fighting to grow our economy and ensure we have the most prosperous state for generations to come. I am proud of the work we have accomplished together to secure Florida's future by creating an environment where Floridians of all ages have the tools they need to succeed in our state. But, our work is not done."

- Governor Rick Scott