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Both political parties are hopelessly stuck in WWI style trench warfare.  Both political parties are failing us.  There is nothing new, it’s the same thing every day – lob some grenades over the ditch and then brace for incoming.  The goal of New Republican is to break out of this trench warfare. I believe we can bring much needed change to the Republican Party.  It’s time to re-brand and re-invent the Republican Party. 

Donald Trump’s election was a complete shock to the system in Washington.  This is the perfect opportunity to do things differently. Donald Trump needs a Republican Party that supports him with ideas that will make America Great, and ideas that the American people want.  New Republican will be an idea generator.

The following framework is consistent with conservative principles. It’s how the Republican Party needs to rebrand itself, and it is what the country needs:

  • We favor an open economy that is free to grow versus a closed and regulated government economy that stagnates.
  • We favor an open education system that provides choices as opposed to a closed antiquated government run system that is one size fits all.
  • We favor an open health care system that stimulates innovation versus a closed government run system.
  • We favor organic bottom up solutions to problems, the Democrats favor top down big government solutions to every problem.
  • We favor empowering people at the local level; the Democrats favor federal government decisions made in Washington.


New Republican will focus on three specific areas:

  1. When a politician says deregulation, people’s eyes glaze over. It’s not sexy; no one really wins elections on it.  But the simple truth is this – excessive regulations are the number one thing that keeps our private-sector economy from working. In Florida we have cut taxes many times, and that has been important, but de-regulation is what has really made our economy take off. We will aggressively back the President’s push to take the leg irons off of this economy and re-invent government.
  1. We will appeal to and target younger voters.   Let me be clear: We are not going backwards. This is not a nostalgic effort to go back to Ronald Reagan.  Instead, we are going to do for our party in our time what Ronald Reagan did for his party in his time:  Attract young voters, the voters of the future.  We are going to bring generational change to the Republican Party.  This is crucial.  We have a great message for younger voters.  Our focus on open systems fits the experience of younger voters, and our focus on bottom up organic solutions as opposed to top down antiquated government systems is a perfect fit for younger voters.
  1. We will win Hispanic voters. In both of my campaigns for Governor, I refused to accept the idea that Republicans cannot win the hearts and minds of Hispanic voters.  It’s an absurd notion.  In my re-election I received about half of the Hispanic votes – and this was two years after Romney had only gotten about ¼.  In my experience, Latinos want to pursue the American Dream with a gusto that puts a lot of other folks to shame.  They should absolutely be Republicans. I will summarize it this way: The idea of the emerging Democratic majority is a fraud.

Gov. Rick Scott


Governor Rick Scott was an unknown to politics when he first ran for governor in 2010. A native of Missouri, Governor Scott has never known his natural father. He spent part of his childhood in public housing, and went to work at the age of seven to help contribute to the household of five children where his adopted dad often lost his job and his mom worked several jobs just to make ends meet.

Scott eventually became one of the top businessmen in the country by starting a company that employed hundreds of thousands of Americans. He got his start by joining the Navy after high school, marrying his high school sweetheart and later going to college on the G.I. Bill. Scott decided to start his first business, a donut shop, to give his mom a job.

With the love and support of his wife, Ann Scott (they have now been married 45 years), he worked his way through law school at SMU in Dallas and became a lawyer. After nine years, Scott left the legal world for the business world full-time and spent his family’s life savings to buy his first hospital. He grew that one hospital into one of the largest hospital companies in the world, and decided to switch careers yet again and run for governor when his adopted home state of Florida trudged through the major economic collapse of 2007-2008.

Governor Scott is currently serving the second of two terms as the Governor of Florida, making him one of only two Republican Governors to ever serve back-to-back terms in the state.

As Governor of Florida, Scott’s has devoted more than six years (2011-present) in office to a one-word goal: JOBS. His relentless focus on cutting taxes, reducing burdensome regulations on businesses and creating an environment where any job creator can succeed has led to the creation of 1.35 million jobs by Florida businesses; and that was after the state lost 800,000 jobs in the four years before the Governor took office.

Florida has paid down $4.1 billion in outstanding bond debt since 2010. California and Illinois have more than double the debt per capita of Florida; New York has nearly triple the debt per capita; and New Jersey has nearly quadruple the debt per capita.

Governor Scott’s own education was the key to his ability to get a good job and mount an unprecedented career. Therefore, he has devoted record levels of funding to state education systems in Florida, always ensuring that schools were graded and held accountable for helping students succeed.

Governor Scott challenged Florida’s higher education institutions to not just focus on getting more students to enroll in their school, but to shift their entire mission to helping students get the education they need to get a good job when they graduate.