Who We Are

Who We Are
New Republican PAC is an Independent Expenditure Only PAC (i.e., a Super PAC) focused on the election of Rick Scott in the race for Florida United States Senate. Our mission is to run a strategic independent campaign focused on defining the election between a successful and accomplished Governor who would bring fresh ideas to Washington, D.C. versus an out-of-touch 45 year self-serving career politician who has voted against seniors and killed jobs.

How We Will Run Our Independent Campaign
New Republican is committed to running a strategic, targeted independent campaign using a combination of new technology and proven voter contact tactics.

  • Be regional focused – understanding that a Panhandle voter is different than an I-4 corridor voter.
  • Be sensitive to voters’ heritages and communicate in their preferred language.
  • Target voters where they are consuming information.
  • Run a campaign focused on individual voters and their vote determinative issues.

The election between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson is currently a statistical tie. We have a very clear and narrow path to victory. Every vote will matter and no dollar can be wasted. We are committed to using 90% of our budget on voter contact and using each dollar effectively and efficiently.

In addition to running a strategic and efficient campaign, New Republican is dedicated to operating an above board and ethical independent campaign. All donors and contributors should feel confident both that their money will be well spent and New Republican will be an independent campaign they are pleased to be associated with.

Why Your Support Is Critical
Florida is one of the most expensive states in the country to advertise. There are ten unique media markets. It can cost upwards of $4,000,000 a week (1,000 points) to advertise.

In the most recent U.S. Senate race – Rubio vs. Murphy there was a combined spending of $110,472,024 with $50,571,131 spent by outside groups.

The left is energized and they will stop at nothing to defeat Rick Scott. In order to elect Rick Scott to the U.S. Senate it is critical that we have equal or more fire power to laud Rick Scott’s accomplishments and define Bill Nelson for the next six months.


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