Survey data and New GOP Policy

So what does America think?

Growing America’s economy, not Washington’s, must be the GOP agenda.  Here are parts of an economic growth and jobs agenda, to help New Republicans compete and win.

Tax Cuts Stimulate Natural Economic Growth

A New Republican believes the best way to grow the economy and create real jobs is naturally and organically.   A New Republican is an optimistic economic populist:  he believes our economic ecosystem works better without artificial, political ingredients imposed by the governing elite.

Which would you rather be in 2014?  A New Republican who believes in growing our economy bottom-up, cutting taxes, so voters can grow their own hopes and dreams?  Or an Old Democrat who would take Americans’ resources away, and let the Washington elite invest them in their artificial, political, trickle-down schemes and policies?

Of course New Republicans will be criticized for having only one idea to generate growth: “tax cuts.”  Bring that argument on.  Tax cuts are not one idea, they are 300 million ideas.  Tax cuts empower the choices and dreams of 300 million Americans.  It’s not really about “tax cuts”, it’s about “MORE;” it’s about whether you have more money in your pocket, or they have more money in their pocket.  It is the Old Democrat instinct of sending our money to Washington for bureaucrats to spend, that is only “one idea,” and it is a cold, dream-killing concept, at that.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:  many Republicans say tax cuts are not just one idea.  Tax cuts are millions of ideas, because tax cuts allow all Americans to invest in their hopes and dreams.                                                


                  –  62.6%  agree                  

                  –  26.9%  disagree                

                  –  10.5%  dk/refused         

National Likely Voter Survey, Jan., 2010

Would you rather be the New Republican who trusts the American people to grow their dreams and desires, in their rich and imaginative diversity?  Or the Old Democrat who opposes such growth and diversity?

Would you rather run as a New Republican who believes in an open economy, or an Old Democrat who enforces a closed one?

Does a New Republican have a plan to stimulate the economy?  You bet.  A New Republican believes the best way to stimulate the economy is with more spending.  The difference is he wants people to do that spending, naturally and authentically, not politicians, spending our money, top-down, politically and artificially.

In front of a crowd of economically stressed, suburban soccer moms or young, jobless millennial voters, a New Republican might say, “I think the best way to grow the economy is bottom-up like Facebook, while my opponent thinks it is top-down like the Chinese Army.  What do you think?”

“Growing our economy top-down, artificially, from Washington?  It’s just not natural,” the New Republican might continue.  “The diversity of your hopes and dreams will work better than the old factory-style spending from Washington.  I trust you.  My Old Democratic opponent hopes you will trust Congress to get it right … and trust him.”

Which of the following do you believe is the best way to grow the economy and create jobs?                                                


1. We should grow our economy naturally, with bottom-up policies to stimulate investments in the hopes and dreams of Americans, with less government spending, and lower taxes… or…                  


2. In order to grow our economy, Congress must pass stronger government regulation of Wall Street and businesses, and continue the targeted investment in our recovery.                            


                  –  50.7%  grow naturally          

                  –  31.8%  stronger gov’t reg.     

                  –  6.0%  both                    

                  –  6.1%  neither                 

                  –  5.4%  dk/refused   

National Likely Voter Survey, Jan., 2010

Equal Opportunity In Education

Michelle and Barack Obama are great parents.  They picked the best school for their daughters.  Good for them!  Why shouldn’t every American family have that opportunity?

A New Republican believes equal opportunity in education is an idea whose time has come.  A New Republican believes in an open education system, not a closed or zoned one.  He believes in a bottom-up educational system and letting parents have equal opportunity to choose the best schools for their children.  Those schools may be public, private, or charter schools.  They may be a school partnered with a business, or a school yet to be invented.

Our colleges and universities have largely self-organized as a bottom-up, organic educational eco-systems.  Why can’t we open up our entire factory-like educational system to live, breathe, and adapt to the challenges of a new day?

“Do you favor or oppose equal opportunity in education by allowing parents to choose the schools that they believe will best serve their children, including traditional public schools, charter schools, and private schools?”                                                      


–  76.5  favor                   

–  54.0  strongly favor    

–  22.5  somewhat favor     

–  14.3  oppose                   


National Likely Voter Survey, Jan., 2010

Health Care

A New Republican wants to control health care costs just as much as an Old Democrat does.  We are not the party of “No,” when it comes to health care.

“We just have a very different approach,” a New Republican might say.  “We believe the best way to control health care costs is by putting the price-control mechanisms down at the bottom, with doctors and patients, in an open system, where you and your doctor are empowered to choose the best health care value.”  Old Democrats, we might point out, want the opposite:  They want to put the price-control mechanisms at the top, in Washington, with all-knowing politicians and government bureaucrats, who go behind closed doors to decide what health care you get and how much the government will pay for it.  We want bottom-up, they want top-down. We want open, they want closed.  We trust patients and doctors, they want us to trust politicians and bureaucrats.  Same goal, but a different approach to solving problems that affect your health.


Support or oppose: a “bottom-up” health care system that focuses on the relationship between patients and doctors?

                  –  90%  support     

                  –  71% strongly support 


RNC National Voter Survey, June 15-17, 2009


We need a more open system in which people are free to choose the best type of care for them and their families

                  –  93%  support     

                  –  78% strongly support 


RNC National Voter Survey, June 15-17, 2009


Diversity of Energy Choices to Power Economic Recovery

A New Republican believes in an open energy system, not a closed or politically directed one.  He believes in a diversity of energy sources to create jobs, and power an unlimited economy.  If we want to move toward energy independence for America, why would we want to limit the diversity of our energy choices to only those Washington politicians, not the American people, decide are worthwhile and sustainable?

Which of the following statements comes closest to your opinion?       

1. America needs to pursue an open energy system where we use every energy resource available here at home to make us less dependent on foreign oil.                                                     

2. While America needs to become less dependent on foreign oil, we should limit our energy production to those resources that are sustainable and friendly to the environment.                         

                  –  58.8%  open energy system      

                  –  28.3%  sustain/friend env.     

                  –  3.4%  both                    

                  –  1.9%  neither                 

                  –  7.5%  dk/refused           


National Likely Voter Survey, Jan., 2010