As Governor of Florida, Scott has devoted his time in office to a one-word goal: JOBS.
His relentless focus on cutting taxes, reducing burdensome regulations on businesses and creating an environment where any job creator can succeed has led to the creation of 1,459,300 million jobs by Florida businesses; and that was after the state lost 800,000 jobs in the four years before the Governor took office.

  • Governor Scott has led the way in cutting more than $10 billion in taxes over the last six years.
  • Thanks to Governor Scott’s focus on tourism, Florida has welcomed more than 478 million tourists since 2011. (During 2017, 116.5 million visitors came to Florida, an increase of 3.6 percent over 2016.)
  • Governor Scott led the investment of $85 billion in funding for Florida’s roads, bridges, airports and seaports. This total includes investments in Florida’s seaports of more than $1.4 billion. These investments are vital to support the 107 million tons of cargo worth around $50 billion, and the more than 15 million cruise passengers that came through Florida ports in 2016.
  • Since 2011, Governor Scott has directed investments of more than $2 billion for workforce development programs in communities that ensure the best workers are available to Florida’s job creators.

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