How Do We Grow Our Economy?

We all want to grow America’s economy.  President Obama does;  New Republicans do. So what’s the best way?

President Obama wants to do it the old way.  He believes in top-down growth:  political and artificial growth, directed by Washington.  That’s why he’s borrowed, spent, and driven our national debt up to $16+ trillion dollars and soaring.

How’s that working out for us?

Our debt is growing, but our economy is not.

There is a better way, a different way, and it’s time for a change.

Instead of trying to grow our economy top-down, politically and artificially, from Washington, let’s grow our economy bottom-up, naturally and organically.  Let’s take money and power out of Washington’s pocket, and put it in your pocket.

Let’s put that money to work where you live, where you invest, where you work, where you shop, and grow our economy naturally and organically.

New Republicans believe in natural and organic economic growth, not political and artificial growth directed by Washington.

Washington has just one plan to grow our economy, the old top-down way. When it doesn’t work, we all fail: 300 million Americans.

New Republicans don’t have just one plan, we have 300 million of them.  We have the hopes, dreams, and imaginations of 300 million Americans who can out-think, out-dream, and out-work anybody in the world!

It’s going to make great New Republican bumper-stickers and T-shirts:

“Let’s do it naturally.”  “I like it bottom-up.”  “I believe in organic growth.”

Who disagrees with that?