Governor Scott to Chair “New Republican” Federal Super PAC

PAC focused on rebranding the Republican Party, Deregulating America’s economy & Reinventing government

May 11, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that he will chair the Super PAC, launching a new national effort to change and rebrand the way the Republican Party approaches the challenges of the future.

Governor Scott said, “New Republican’s goal is to make the Republican Party Great Again.  Both political parties are hopelessly stuck in WWI style trench warfare.  Both political parties are failing us.  There is nothing new, it’s the same thing every day – lob some grenades over the ditch and then brace for incoming.  The goal of New Republican is to break out of this trench warfare. We have to get rid of all our tired old political jargon and clichés.

“New Republican will market ‘open versus closed’ systems and ‘new versus old’ policies. We will make it clear that Republicans favor an open economy that is free to grow versus a closed and regulated government economy that stagnates. We favor an open education system that provides choices as opposed to a closed antiquated government run system that is one size fits all. We favor an open health care system that stimulates innovation versus a closed government run system. We favor organic bottom-up solutions to problems, the Democrats favor top-down big government solutions to every problem. We favor empowering people at the local level, the Democrats favor federal government decisions made in Washington.”

New Republican was founded by Republican strategist and advertising legend Alex Castellanos a few years ago. Castellanos will serve as the Super PAC’s senior advisor. The Governor also announced that his former chief of staff and 2014 reelection campaign manager, Melissa Stone, will serve as the executive director of New Republican. Taylor Teepell, who has previously served in Governor Scott’s administration and the administrations of Miss. Governor Haley Barbour and La. Governor Bobby Jindal, will serve as the PAC’s finance director.

“Donald Trump’s election was a complete shock to the system in Washington,” Governor Scott said. “This is the perfect opportunity to do things differently. The President is a friend of mine. I’ve known him for about 20 years.  I am committed to helping him as he fights against the political machine and attempts to force real change upon a political system and a city that hates change.  Donald Trump needs a Republican Party that supports him with ideas that will make American Great, and ideas that the American people want.  New Republican will be an idea generator.”

Visit for more information and to view the some of the TV and digital advertising the PAC is prepared to launch in the coming months.


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